Gaming Laptops Under $300 And What To Look For

PC gaming is the largest part of the gaming industry which had grown tremendously in the last decade. The latest games, however run on full graphical settings that mean that you would need to have a very good computer for you to be able to enjoy the games fully. A good computer translates into cost and some of the best are also some of the most expensive. However, it is still very possible for users to find affordable gaming laptops that are under $300. If you are a gaming enthusiast or you are just a casual gamer who is strained on budget, then the cheaper options are the most suitable and they will still manage to give an exciting gaming experience every time.

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The cheaper laptops may run older games on medium settings and the newer games on low graphical settings, but they definitely will make it possible for you to enjoy the day to day performance and light gaming. To get the best gaming laptops under $300, you must be willing to take time to make comparisons and to look at the features that matter the most so you can make a decision that will indeed serve your needs.

There are so many places you can begin your search for the best gaming laptop. Some of the sites come with full specs on the computers including the features so making comparisons should be something you manage to do without much trouble. The gaming modern gaming laptops are crisp LCD screens and have cutting edge video cards as well as full size keyboards. You will actually be in a position to have the fully custom so meet with the exact gaming specifications you want. Many of the components are customizable on the laptops and with a system builder you will be able to add or subtract any component you want so in the end you have the best gaming laptop that will meet your needs. But exactly what should you look for when buying the under $300 gaming laptops?


This is what matters most in a gaming laptop computer and is the graphics processing unit. The GPU component will make or break the gaming experience that you get in the end. Without the proper one, you can be sure that most of the games will fail to play leaving you frustrated. A good idea would be to get a separate GPU with its own graphics card that doesn’t share resources with the computer. The video card will have own memory on board and a 4GB card should be enough for an average gamer.


RAM, random access memory, on laptops is known as SODIMM which stands for small outline dual inline memory module. The RAM is what is responsible for the processing power of your computer. For a custom gaming laptop you will get DDR2 RAM with a choice of much you want from the computer. High end games today need require 1GB of RAM for lag-free optimum game play. You can choose to go higher so that you can enjoy running multiple applications without experiencing slow down response time. Most custom gaming laptops can be upgraded and you can have a professional help you with that.


CPU, central processing units, found on gaming laptops are identical to those of desktops. The chips call for reliable cooling power which affects how loud your laptop is and can also leave it warm to the touch but this is quite normal. It is best that you stick with current CPU speed offered by reputable custom gaming laptop suppliers and reseller than wasting too much money on latest CPU releases that come with inflated price tags. The CPU handles everything without graphics like controlling non-playable characters and performing some physics calculation on the games. This is also the element that affects performance of non-gaming applications including operating system, browser and productivity apps.

The display

Without your laptop screen there is really nothing much for you to enjoy with your favorite games. LCDs are the most suitable in modern time, but then again, you still need to make choices when looking at the LCD options for the new gaming laptop. Some of the elements that should matter when checking this out are:

Resolution – The minimum for any gaming laptop should be 1920×1080, anything that is lower will only give you muddy graphics. Laptops with higher QHD are very popular because of the striking details and color that they offer. Simply try to get a resolution that will make your gaming experience comfortable.

Aspect ratio – Widescreen format is what is found on most gaming laptops, but you can also find laptops that have a standard aspect ratio just like that of your TV. The widescreen format comes with advantages and disadvantages, including the fact that some games may end up, stretching across the screen and become distorted. If you are looking for perfection, then it would be best to stick to the standard aspect ratio laptops, even though the widescreen is still more preferred by gamers even with the limitations.

Other important aspects that should matter when looking at the gaming laptop screen display include the contrast, viewing angle and size. They are all essential in determining the kind of experience you get when playing the games.

The hard drive

Laptop hard drives are in different capacities and speed that range from 4200 to 7200 RPMS and they also come with 40 to more than 100BGs. The hard drive is largely reliant on your user preferences, but it is advisable that you choose a gaming laptop with 7200 RPM hard drive.

The keyboards and touchpads

As much as specs are essential to consider, you do not want to forget the quality of the keyboard. You are likely to pound on the keys all through the game play or when surfing the web hence they need to feel comfortable and a great look too. Look for key travel, actuation and customization when checking out the keyboard on your gaming laptop.

Gaming laptops under $300 make it possible for gaming enthusiasts to have a wonderful gaming experience without spending too much for the devices. Find the most suitable for you today.

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